Alt Summit 2019

Hola! Hello Friends!

I finally got a chance to sit down and work on my blog! Since I got back I've been running around catching up with work, planning my daughters 11th birthday party, and getting all my business cards sorted out! Now that I'm sitting in front of my computer I have so much to share that I'm having a hard time to pick where to start! haha!

I attended Alt Summit last year and it was for only three days. I did not know hat to expect and did not know anybody. This year it was a whole week and I attended but as a volunteer which was a lot of fun because I got to meet a lot of sponsors and meet other volunteers too! This year I got to share a room at that Riviera Palm Springs hotel with two boss ladies that I met last year Natalie @gingermeglam and Victoria @handmadejungle They were so sweet and so inspirational! I enjoyed hanging out with them and love talking about our goals. It's so nice to hang out with ladies that have the same goals which is to work on ourselves and help others!

I got to meet so many strong and inspirational women and men. I started my day meeting Gabrielle Blair @designmom and Amber Kemp-Gerstel @damasklove. Thank you Gabrielle for allowing to be part of the social medial volunteer team! I had a wonderful time and can't wait for next year! I was so excited to meet Amber because I've been following her on her Instagram, blog, and watched her at NBC Making It

I love that she was so down to earth and so sweet. She even was asking me when am I going to try out for the show Making it! I just responded when I get guts to do it! haha!

I also got to meet Hector Rocha @hectorrochas and I was so excited that I got hang out and meet his friends Alyssa Baches and Vivianne Pacheco Jimenez. The way I met them I was waiting for a shuttle and I dropped my business card and Hector bent over to get it and when he looked at my card he was "hey! I follow you!" I was OMG I follow you too! He then asked me if i want to hitch a ride with him and his friends to the Ace hotel and I was like YES! On our way to the hotel we were chatting like we knew each other for like forever! It was magical and fun!haha! I was so happy to see that all of them were so down to earth and very sweet! I can't wait to hang out in L.A. with all!

I also go to meet this beautiful mother and daughter Tina Keyner and Samantha Keyner. When I first met them Tina came up to me asking me if i'm Claudia Ramos from Claudia Ramos Designsa ? and I'm like yes! She was so happy to meet me and was so sweet! I'm so humbled and love to know that she likes my work! It's nice to get a validation that my work is making people happy and bringing joy too! I got to hang out with them and it was a lot of fun!

One of the best things that I love about @altsummit that you don’t know who you are going to meet! @handmadejungle and myself were planning to get on the shuttle and we saw @zahraikassam and Natalie Malan asking if anybody wanted to share a Lyft ride so we all got in! Once we were in we started chatting, exchanging info and just having a good time! I love how we all support each other!

Another highlights of the whole week was hanging out with fellow Latinas from #Weallgrow It was so nice to finally meet these amazing Jefas (boss ladies). Usually we communicate online and to actually hang out and have some drinks was so much fun!

Aside from making new friends I got to explore and do different type of activities. When I got there I had to check in and get my Alt lanyard. This year Alt was for a whole week instead three days and all the workshops were taking place in three hotels ACE, RIVIERA PALM SPRINGS,