Embroidery is soo relaxing!

Hello Friends! I want to take the time to talk about embroidery. Two years ago I was just sitting down watching a movie and I was feeling creative. I usually like to sit down and doodle but I wanted to try something different. I went on Pinterest and found some cute, creative embroidery. I decided to check out Youtube and look for a tutorial for embroidery. Once I learned the basics I just started drawing my templates and transferred to my fabric. I started doing cute embroidery but with a twist with Female empowerment and with a little Latina sassiness! I started an Instagram/facebook group called Embroidery Pen Pals! I started this group because I wanted to meet other creative embroidery

Fun Creative Sunday!

Last Sunday I attended this fun event that Heymama and Mixbook put together called Create Celebrate Colors! It was all inspired by colors and family! I took my daughter and husband with me and we had a blast! They had a big swing decorated that was just too cute and my daughter and I had to take a picture! There was yummy tacos provided by Eatpuesto, cupcakes with churros and there was a desert spot where you can make your own ice cream. They had this cute sticker sections provided by Pipsticks which my daughter loved! She was decorating her sticker book with all the cute stickers, and she decided to write a little story. They also had a bubble show and a big wall for everybody to color! I d

Scary Spring Break...

Happy Friday Friends! How's everybody doing? I hope you are all ready for the weekend! As for me, I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do for my daughter 10th birthday! I've been so busy with work and last weekend my mind was all over the place. I usually don't like sharing scary stories but this one hit me hard. Last weekend my daughter got invited to attend a birthday pool party (which they provided a lifeguard) and I had a good talk with my daughter and the lifeguard to have her play in the shallow side of the pool. I decided to drop my daughter off and come back in two hours. When I came back I walked in ready to pick her up and I see the lifeguard doing CPR on a child. I cou

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