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Embroidery is soo relaxing!

Hello Friends! I want to take the time to talk about embroidery. Two years ago I was just sitting down watching a movie and I was feeling creative. I usually like to sit down and doodle but I wanted to try something different. I went on Pinterest and found some cute, creative embroidery. I decided to check out Youtube and look for a tutorial for embroidery. Once I learned the basics I just started drawing my templates and transferred to my fabric.

I started doing cute embroidery but with a twist with Female empowerment and with a little Latina sassiness! I started an Instagram/facebook group called Embroidery Pen Pals! I started this group because I wanted to meet other creative embroidery people and swap embroidery. The way the group works each month there's a theme and I will connect you to a pen pal! This group is open all around the world which makes it fun!

I started this group October of last year and It has grown! I'm having a blast meeting new people and I'm always amazed how creative a lot of the pen pals are. I've seen some pen pals create embroideries from recycling items and colors pencils!

I'm so happy that all our pen pals are so sweet and are enjoying their time making creative embroidery. I keep reading from my pen pals that this has helped them to step out to do something creative and they are having a great time! I love knowing that I'm spreading the joy with embroidery!

I love embroidery!!!

Mucho Besos!



I’m a Los Angeles, California Latina artist, graphic designer, surface designer,  illustrator, and a mother that loves everything cute and loves to keep it real! 

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