First Time at Alt Summit and...

It all started Monday, February 28, 2018 on a nice two hour road trip from North Hollywood, CA to Palm Springs, CA. I was so nervous to drive for two hours by myself just my GPS and playing all my music that I can't play around my daughter!hehe! That day I was so excited because I asked for a whole week off from work and I was so excited to attend my first Alt Summit and to stay at The Saguaro Palm Springs! I've seen so many instagram pictures of this hotel that I was so excited to actually stay there and take lots of Instagram pictures. Once I got there I just saw these big, beautiful, colorful balloons at the entrance of the hotel! Just seeing that I knew I found the place and I knew I was

So What's Next?

I took a whole week to meet new people and learn a lot about managing your business and collaborating with amazingly creative people at the Alt Summit. It was a lot of fun but once I got home I just sat down on my couch and was thinking about all the things I need to work on. First thing I did was to re-open my blog! I've had so many different blogs but never kept up with them and I started to share videos on my Instagram. I have 3000 followers on my IG and I want to share with everybody my journey. I was doing good but then I went back to work! Don't get me wrong I love my full-time job working on fashion dolls and creating graphics but I came back with a lot of work waiting for me! I had

HOLA! I'm Claudia!

HOLA! I'm Claudia! I'm so excited to start sharing what I'm thinking, and whats going on with my life! Last time that I sat down to write on my blog was on 2014 and It was all about my me losing weight you can check it out I GOT THIS (PLEASE HAVE THE VOLUME DOWN BEFORE YOU CLICK) I stopped blogging once I lost my job and had to hustle to find my next job. I had a hard time finding a full-time job and I was just all over the place. ​​ What changed me to go back and try it again? I'm so inspired after attending Altitude Summit I made new friends and learned so much about how to take your business to the next level. I own an Etsy shop called Claudia Ramos Designs and It's been so much fun creat

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