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So What's Next?

Planning What's Next?

I took a whole week to meet new people and learn a lot about managing your business and collaborating with amazingly creative people at the Alt Summit. It was a lot of fun but once I got home I just sat down on my couch and was thinking about all the things I need to work on. First thing I did was to re-open my blog! I've had so many different blogs but never kept up with them and I started to share videos on my Instagram. I have 3000 followers on my IG and I want to share with everybody my journey. I was doing good but then I went back to work! Don't get me wrong I love my full-time job working on fashion dolls and creating graphics but I came back with a lot of work waiting for me! I had plans to start working out (which I shared on my IG) and to sit down and work on my blog! Well, that did not happen. I was working late and by the time I would get home I would shower, eat dinner, spend the last few hours with my daughter before she goes to sleep and then I will sleep. This lasted for 3 weeks and it was so hard on me! But now I've caught up with all the work and now my workflow is better. That's why I'm able to sit down and just vent to all! hehe!!

So today I can plan What's Next? I want to continue working on my blog and start vlogging. I feel that vlogging on my Instagram is a good start! I already have a following and I just want to share with all whats going on! I have plans to share my journey to the gym, working on some cute lapel pins, and continue to challenge myself on being fearlessly creative. I want to grow my Embroidery Pen Pal Group (if you have not heard about this group you need to check our IG and our Facebook) It's literally swapping embroidery with a random pen pal that I pick for you from around the world! We've done so far 5 theme swaps and what makes it fun that our group is growing!

Sorry got side distracted talking about my group but I want to do so much and I just want to continue to grow and become my own boss. I will do my best to try to do a blog every two weeks and check my IG to see what going on with me!

Thank you for reading and leave me some comments! I love reading what's on your mind!

Mucho Bessos (Lots of Kisses)



I’m a Los Angeles, California Latina artist, graphic designer, surface designer,  illustrator, and a mother that loves everything cute and loves to keep it real! 

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