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Scary Spring Break...

Happy Friday Friends! How's everybody doing? I hope you are all ready for the weekend! As for me, I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do for my daughter 10th birthday! I've been so busy with work and last weekend my mind was all over the place. I usually don't like sharing scary stories but this one hit me hard.

Last weekend my daughter got invited to attend a birthday pool party (which they provided a lifeguard) and I had a good talk with my daughter and the lifeguard to have her play in the shallow side of the pool. I decided to drop my daughter off and come back in two hours. When I came back I walked in ready to pick her up and I see the lifeguard doing CPR on a child. I could not see who it was and I was looking around to see if my daughter was safe. When the lifeguard picks up the child I saw it was my daughter! I freaked out and ran to her. I got her dressed and went straight to ER. Once we got to the ER they took some XRAYS to check her lungs and they told us we will need to stay overnight to check if everything was ok. We spent our Saturday and Sunday at the hospital. Sunday morning the Dr. gave us the ok to go home.

So how did my daughter end up almost drowning? well, she told me that she got on one of the noodle floaties and she slipped from it and fell on the deep and shallow end of the pool. She tried to come back up but she swallowed water and the lifeguard told me he jumped right in once he saw her struggling. I'm just so happy that she's ok and healthy. But I'm really having a hard time every time I start thinking about how I saw her. I was punishing myself that I'm a bad mom for leaving her. I'm usually that mother that stays with their kids at the parties but this day I decided to leave her because I saw it was safe. I was beating myself that I should of listen to myself. The good thing I have amazing family and friends that were so supportive and showed me a lot of love. I know this can happen to anybody and I should stop thinking about this. I feel by me sharing this story it helps me out too.

I'm signing her up for swimming classes because I want her to be safe and I don't want her to be scared of the water. Now that's she doing good I have to start planning her birthday. I know that this weekend we will be attending Create Celebrate Color by heymama & Mixbook its an event where you can create, play and unleash your inner artist at this magical pop-up event. Can't wait to take some fun pictures with my daughter.

Again thank you all for the positive messages and love!

BESOS, Claudia R.


I’m a Los Angeles, California Latina artist, graphic designer, surface designer,  illustrator, and a mother that loves everything cute and loves to keep it real! 

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