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Hello Friends! It's your girl, Claudia! I've been having some issues with taking the time to just sit down and just start drawing. When I do find the time to sit down at home I don't know where to start. Usually, I'm so good with coming up with something but I don't know if It's stress from work, home, and business. So right now I've been looking online for summits that I can attend to get me inspired. If you are feeling the same way check out these two Summits that I'm looking at to attend.

Last year I attended ALT SUMMIT in Palm Spring, CA and it was for 3 days. ALT SUMMIT is an event for creative entrepreneurs and social media influencers that want to learn more about how to take their business to the next level. There was a different type of workshops, and my favorite things were that I got to meet a lot of creative ladies. Everybody is so sweet and they all have the same goals as you, to get inspired. I found out that next year ALT SUMMIT 2019 is doing a WHOLE WEEK and it's called ALT OASIS a week-long retreat! I love that they are doing this because I felt that 3 days was not enough! There was so much going on that I needed that time to process and take it all in! So having a whole week is amazing! I'm still debating If I will be attending, we will see!


Claudia R.


I’m a Los Angeles, California Latina artist, graphic designer, surface designer,  illustrator, and a mother that loves everything cute and loves to keep it real! 

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