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Last weekend I stayed at Lake Arrowhead Pine Rose with my sisters, and friends! This was my first time driving up to the mountains and staying in the cabins. The drive up there was a little scary because I'm afraid of heights and the rode to drive up there had a lot of tight curves. Click on the bottom Video so you can see what I'm talking about!

Once we reached up to Pine Rose our cabin was just so cute and perfect! First thing we did was to take pictures in front of our cabins! I was so happy we made it safe to the cabins! Once we unpacked we just relaxed and just played card games, listen to music, and I even had time to sit down and do some embroidery! It was so amazing and the weather was so perfect! Just next time I will bring my Ugg boots and a warm jacket! It was crazy because in L.A. it was so hot but once we go to the mountains it was gloomy and cold! I did not prepare myself!

The next day my sister cooked breakfast for us and it was so yummy! We had some time to just chill and then get ready for my friend Marcy and Kevin's wedding! The location was so perfect and cute! We all had a blast but can I just say it was so cold! I was not wearing the right clothing for an outside wedding!

My back started to hurt so I decided to end the night by going back to my cabin, put the heater on and watch old school 90's R&B music videos with a drink on my hand!hehe! It was a perfect way to end the night and get some time to myself! I do miss it and I do want to plan to go again. I never thought doing a short and small vacation would do so much good to me! I really miss it!

The next day we had to be out of our cabin by 11am! It was so cold and it was so foggy too! I was so nervous for the drive back down! Good thing my friend drove and we got home safe! If you want to plan a short vacation check out Lake Arrowhead Pine Rose.

Much Love,

Claudia R.


I’m a Los Angeles, California Latina artist, graphic designer, surface designer,  illustrator, and a mother that loves everything cute and loves to keep it real! 

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