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Hello Friends! I've been so busy at work that I've been late on posting on my blog! Two weeks ago on a Friday, I went with my co-workers to BARBIE STYLE Pop-Up in Westfield Century City Mall

It was so much fun and a lot of inspiration! It was so nice to walk in and see all the beautiful displays of Barbie placed in different environments.

Growing up I always wanted a Barbie but it was too expensive for my parent to buy me one. My mom would buy me other dolls and I would dress them up and make them clothes too. I was the type of girl that just like dressing up my dolls and just admire how they look. Once I got older I would buy actual Barbie dolls and just have them next to my bed. I don't know what it is but I just love looking at my dolls and just admire the clothes, hair, and face. I have so many dolls now, I have Barbie Tokidoki Collection, Disney Princess, Monster High Lady Gaga, Elena of Avalor, Star Wars Forces of Destiny, Descendants 2, and Equestrian Girls! My collection is still growing!

The Barbie Pop-Up is so cute. They had a big car with a beach background where you can take pictures! They had some Moschino Barbie Collection and also they had some cute items you can purchase in the store! I bought myself a cute pink barbie journal and I received a pink Barbie lapel pin!

I don't work for Mattel but It's so crazy that I find myself working with fashion dolls. I never thought I would be creating fabric art/repeat patterns for dolls. Attending this Pop-Up was so inspirational and it was nice to see Barbie in her Instagram world! A lot of good shots for Instagram!

Go check the Pop-Up and then when you are done go walk around at the mall!


I’m a Los Angeles, California Latina artist, graphic designer, surface designer,  illustrator, and a mother that loves everything cute and loves to keep it real! 

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