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Fun Mother's Day Gift You Can Create!

Mother's Day is getting close! Still thinking what to make for your mom this year? Do you want to make something creative? Well, I made this two cute items and you can too! You can purchase all these cute items at Michaels Stores!

If you want to create a cute embroidery this is what you will need:

  • 1 White Paper

  • 1 black pen

  • 1 5" embroidery hoop

  • 1 cut out 7" fabric (any colors fabric)

and depending what you are creating different colors Floss

There are so many Youtube videos showing you how to create embroidery! These are some that have helped me out: YOUTUBE

Also, you can check my Pinterest boards for some Embroidery Inspirations! Now, start sketching and have fun!


If you want to create a cute wood acrylic cactus painting you will need:

  • 1 9" Wood Plaque

  • 1 Pink Acrylic Paint

  • 1 Green Acrylic Paint

  • 1 Brown Acrylic Paint

  • 1 White Acrylic Paint

  • A set of different size of brushes

  • 1 cup of water

  • 1 Craft Smart® Plastic 10-Well Paint Palette with Lid

  • 1 Pencil

  • 1 Acrylic Gesso

Once you have all your items start with adding the layer of Gesso on your wood! This will help your acrylics to stay on your wood. Once the Gesso is dry you can start drawing on the wood! My mother is a Plant lady so this is just perfect for her! Just think about what your mom loves and just draw it! It makes it extra special and she will love it


Also if you don't want to make anything and just get a cute little lapels pin you can check my cute Etsy shop Claudia Ramos Designs! I love creating cute and items that just make you smile or feel empowered! I hope this helps you out and remember to just have fun!


I just want to take the time to say I love you Mami! Thank you so much for everything and for always showing me to always fight for what you want! To never give up and I can do anything!

You are my inspiration and I'm so blessed to still have you so you can see my little daughter grow up and I'm so happy that my daughter gets to see how amazing you are!

Te Amo much (I love you so much) and Happy Mother's Day!

Mucho Besos,



I’m a Los Angeles, California Latina artist, graphic designer, surface designer,  illustrator, and a mother that loves everything cute and loves to keep it real! 

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