First Time at Alt Summit and...

March 29, 2018



It all started Monday, February 28, 2018 on a nice two hour road trip from North Hollywood, CA to Palm Springs, CA. I was so nervous to drive for two hours by myself just my GPS and playing all my music that I can't play around my daughter!hehe! That day I was so excited because I asked for a whole week off from work and I was so excited to attend my first Alt Summit and to stay at The Saguaro Palm Springs! I've seen so many instagram pictures of this hotel that I was so excited to actually stay there and take lots of Instagram pictures. 


Once I got there I just saw these big, beautiful, colorful balloons at the entrance of the hotel! Just seeing that I knew I found the place and I knew I was going to be inspired once I walk in through the doors! Yep! I was right! Walking in I saw a beautiful welcome message board from The Happy Planner they put together a wonderful welcome party! They gave out these beautiful planners with Tombow pens. I was welcomed by yummy cocktails from Day Owl Wines, I'm not a wine drinker but once I tried this brand I fell in love. There was music playing and people waiting in line to get there name tags! Once we got our name tag we got these cute clutch from Jujube and inside they had some coupons from all the sponsors! This was just the first day and I was so overwhelmed of all the people, drinks, music, and just the whole community was welcoming! 


Once I got my hotel key  I was so excited to see my room! I regret not taking any pictures of my room but let me just say it was PINK! and the restroom was a bright ORANGE! Once I settled down I got a chance to look at the Alt Summit booklet which showed all the classes and schedule for the whole week! I decided to take time to freshen up and get ready for the Happy Planner Dinner!  


 Picture taken by Nicole Breanne-9779


The Dinner was the set up was beautiful! I love that everybody was so friendly and the food was soo good too! I got to meet so many creative people and made some new friends! For the people that attended the dinner, we got a big goodie bag with cool planner stickers! I've been using my planner since I got back from Alt Summit and It's helped me out plan my days! 

Once the dinner was done I went back to my room to facetime with my daughter and hubby! I love how the first day was just fun and I knew that the next day was just learning mode!